We will see the list of available datatypes in Typescript language.

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Data types in Typescript

The available data types in Typescript is given below.

Primitive data types

  • number - any numeral values - both the whole numbers (9) and fractions (3.14).
  • string. Remember, the lowercase s, as opposed to the rest of the languages like Java where it is String. The value can be specified within either a pair of single quotes or double quotes.
  • boolean


Arrays are used to specify the list of values of the same type, say for example, list of marks obtained by a student in a semester. All of them are marks but they are carried together as an array.

let marks : number[] = [45, 67, 81, 55, 90];


any is a special data type in Typescript used as a safer type to have any possible data, without any restrictions.

  • any - a general, wider data type to accept the value of any type, similar to the var in Javascript

Example - any

Source: any-demo.ts

let obj : any = 9;

obj = 'Raghavan'; // no restrictions

Executing the .js file produced by the transpiler tsc, we get the following output.

typescriptPractices > tsc any-demo.ts

typescriptPractices > node any-demo.js

typescriptPractices >

Remember: any is not a typechecked, similar to the other data types. So be careful and diligent on the values being assigned to the variables of type any.

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19 Jun 2021 | Sat | 23:25:23 PM IST